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Alfa Green Heart

Waste Management Guide for Logistics, Industrial and Office Buildings Tenants

As part of the sustainability efforts of our industrial park and logistics center, it is important to adhere to proper waste management practices. This guide will help you contribute to environmental protection.

Alfa Group International is committed to climate-conscious operations

Based on our Code of Conduct, our company aims to contribute to the transition to a carbon neutral economy. The Alfa Group’s green bond issuance is assessed by KPMG against both the Climate Bond Standard (CBS) and the Green Bond Principles (GBP) requirements.
alfagreenheart - alfa green day

Join The Green-Way Revolution with Alfa Group!

Alfa Group organised an extremely successful Green Day for its employees on World Environment Day (WED), as part of which we took action to clean up our environment with a large-scale litter pick to enhance awareness for recycling and re-using of our resources.

solar panels

We use solar energy technology in our buildings and are constantly improving our renewable energy systems.
Péládul: Our Alfa Korzó commercial centre has generated almost 50% of its electricity needs from solar energy.

Geothermal heating

We use geothermal heating in our new property developments. The 640 apartments in the Ha11er residential complex in District IX and 29 apartments in the 2913 UpTown residential complex in District XIII are also being built with geothermal heating. It is also used in the urban development project in District XVIII.

climate-aware development

In the renovation of our office buildings and logistics centres, insulation, doors and windows are upgraded to save heating and cooling energy.

How can you be our partner for a “greener future”?

By assessing your company’s operations, employees and customers’ needs, you can put together a plan to help you cut costs where you can make the biggest quality energy savings. Consider the following ‘quick questions’ to see where you can make a difference – even from tomorrow:


In what time band do they need artificial light? How many rooms are lit? Do you check that the lights are switched off at the end of the day? What technology light sources are used?


At what temperature can they work comfortably? What temperature do your customers feel comfortable in? Is the heating or air conditioning constantly at a constant temperature or do you turn it up to high at intervals?


Are electrical appliances disconnected at the end of the day? What energy class do you use? Do you unplug the charger of smart devices when not charging?

5 steps

Let’s act together for a greener future!

  • Print only where justified
  • Make it possible to work from home
  • Employ remote working on certain days
  • Use a programmable thermostat
  • Check your windows and doors
  • Set a constant temperature in winter and summer
  • Switch off the equipment completely
  • Use energy-saving devices
  • Unplug phone chargers that are not in use
  • Use LED lighting
  • Install motion-sensing switches
  • Use light-sensing switches
  • Hibernate or turn off the computer
  • Laptops consume less power
  • The size and operating principle of monitors have a big impact on power consumption